Join us in the fight for a better workplace for all Game Developers.

Contact Us

Media Contact and Inquiries:

For all media contact and related inquiries, please contact us at media@gamedevunion.org.

Supporter and Game Developer Outreach:

For Game Developers, Gamers, Streamers, and anyone else looking to offer support in our fight for a better workplace, please contact us at outreach@gamedevelopersunion.com.

Membership Inquiries

Although we are not currently ready to begin membership requests, once we are, the requirements for membership will be:

  • The applicant’s full name, phone number, and address.
  • A current-month pay stub or current-year W-2 or W-9 form showing proof of income from a game development related employer / client.
  • The phone number of their current employer, or for freelancers – their most current client.
  • A verified work-related email address.

Once applications are ready for processing an email address will be added here for their submission.