A Union for Game Developers, but why?

Are you tired of feeling abused and taken advantage of? Months of crunch, hours of unpaid overtime, cronyism, toxic and abusive workplaces, stagnant wages, and carefully minimized profit sharing. Without a united front, there is little we can do about the issues plaguing the video game industry. While alone we may feel powerless in the quest to right these wrongs, together we are STRONG.

Banding together, we can rise up against the abuse and demand fairness. Demand transparency. Demand a healthy work/life balance. The “churn and burn” corporate philosophy that has infested our industry isn’t just bad for us as developers, it’s bad for the industry all together. By uniting our voices we can not only improve the video game industry for ourselves, we can ensure that it is healthy and sustainable enough to carry on into the future.

The current business strategies are not sustainable. Layoffs and studio closures are happening more and more frequently. Unionization isn’t just needed for us as developers, it’s needed for the industry as a whole.

Our Policies

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A complete listing of all current Game Developers Union policies. All policies, as well as future additions, are currently open for consideration and discussion. Please feel free to share your input on these critical union issues!


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A collection of many of the most common questions concerning this union, who it is representing, and about unions in general.

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